Tony Callaghan

Tony Callaghan, TRAINER

Tony Callaghan has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. During that time he has done extensive study in the dynamics of movement and developed a unique perspective on the needs of his clients.

Tony is insistent that every Pilates programme he develops for a client must be individually tailored to their specific needs at any given time. Every program he designs for them must get the result they are after health-wise, and also serve to educate them about their own individual patterns of movement and how they can be improved.

By empowering his clients with anatomical knowledge during the Pilates session and then setting ‘homework’ to compliment the programme there after, client’s become much better acquainted with their own bodies and build confidence in themselves and their capability of movement.

Tony maintains that working together with a client in building awareness of why and how their body moves, enables them to correct the poor postural habits that cause tightness and pain.

Tony has reached the top level in both Pilates and Personal Fitness training (MAT Pilates and NVQ Personal Training). He has also done extensive training in C.B.T (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and has a Counselling qualification from Birk Beck University of London.

By utilising all of this knowledge and training in his programs, Tony is able to empower his clients on both a physical and emotional level thereby maximising the potential for change..

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