I first started to working out with Tony in March 2012 weighing in at 85kg at 5’2.5 I was seriously over weight. Within 6 months I had lost 30kg and I’ve never been on better shape. Working out with Tony has given me drive and motivation to the things that I never would of dreamed of doing. Thanks T 🙂 — Aysche, 29

Training with Tony for two months has been a very beneficial experience and has greatly helped me to not just improve my fitness levels, but also lead a generally healthier lifestyle thanks to his careful guidance and advice. Hitting almost 60 years old myself and being fairly inexperienced, he is quick to provide support and motivation whenever I need it.

He has been able to customise a precise training regime around my needs and has helped me to lose weight, keep me feeling full of energy and make me feel 10 years younger! I am still being trained by him and would strongly recommend Tony’s invigorating training programme no matter your age or ability!

Mehendra, 60

‘I am a lady of mature years now and have a congenital curvature of the lumbar section of my spine.

The beautiful stretching exercises together with the exercises that Tony has given me, which I do daily, have been very beneficial and I know that even though my spinal problem hasn’t been cured this program has benefited me greatly.

I am so glad that I found Fitness for Folks

Jill, Ealing London W5

‘I practice Aikido regularly and I also run as often as I can for recreation.
I had been experiencing restrictive movement in my hips, pain in my hamstrings, and tendinitis.

Tony designed a biomechanically tested exercise program for me that produced real improvements in my overall strength, flexibility, and movement patterns.

I have since completed several runs free from pain or injury, and my range of motion and recovery rates have vastly improved.

With Tony’s help and coaching I am now able to manage my own regular ‘movement maintenance program’ this helps me to not only avoid further injury but it also keeps me on track with my fitness goals.

Tony designs a mobility improvement program that meets your requirements and gets results!

I would certainly recommend Fitness for Folks along with Tony’s services as a Biomechanics Coach.

Michael O’Neill, Ealing, London