MUM’S & TUMS classes

Hi there all you wonderful Mums,

I’m guessing that you are completely exhausted after a long full on day with your little ones. Am I right?

And how’s that lower back of yours? Lifting and toting all day must surely be taking its toll on that post- pregnancy body?

Well then I am confident that I can help you relieve all those woes!

We here at Fitness for Folks have created a wonderful post-pregnancy exercise class that will vastly improve your energy levels and help to alleviate that nagging back pain and stress.

We call it the ‘Mums &Tums’ class because it has been specifically designed for new Mothers.

A cross between bio-mechanics and Pilates the Mums and Tums class focuses on releasing tight muscles, conditioning and toning the body to improve its efficiency, and of course strengthening your core and tummy area.

You will also learn some essential techniques and tips aimed at helping you to lift your children so as to minimise back stresses and strains.

Sound good? Why not come along and join our group? Feel free to bring your little ones along with you too. That way we can practice your lifts in class!

Time: Monday mornings 10:00am/11:00am (doors open at 9:30am so we can settle little ones and welcome new Mum’s into the class)

Venue: Ealing Town Hall W5 2BY (Committee Room 1)
Price: £10.00 per class pre-book your space and pay on the day
Contact: / Tony : 079 1608 3597

*Please arrive 15 mins early.

Here’s what some Mum’s have said about the classes

‘. I had reduced movement in my shoulder, a prolapse belly and lower back twinges. I was totally unfit as I had not exercised since giving birth six months prior.

After just two classes, I felt massive benefits from Tony’s mix of biomechanics and Pilates. His class is specially designed to help heal and tone the body after childbirth and to assist with the strain that comes with toting small children

Victoria 40, Ealing, London W13

‘Tony takes time to find what your personal concerns are in terms of movement, fitness and aches and pains.

This makes the class great value for a new mother wanting to ease back into exercise.

The class provides a mixture of exercises you can easily practice.

Rachel, Acton, West London (as seen on Net-Mums website)