Bio-mechanics Coaching and Training Program

What is Bio-Mechanics?  Let’s keep it simple…  

As you well know your body is a simply a bunch of muscles, nerves, bones and joints all wrapped up in skin.  For most people, one or more of these elements don’t have a good relationship with the others which can result in friction and pain.  In a nutshell, Biomechanics coaching and training improves these relationships and gets all the elements singing in harmony again.  

As a result of your Movement Improvement, Biomechanics Coaching and Training program you will have….

  • Increased and more effective functional movement – we bring all your muscles into a working balance so that all your movements through your joints will now be coordinated, also your movements will feel so much smoother and efficient.
  • Reduced risk of repetitive injury! With all your muscles now functioning the way that they should there will be much less pressure on your joints and those overactive muscles that had to take the extra load are now part of a much better balanced system.
  • Vastly stronger, more balanced posture You now have balance though your hips and shoulders, your body can move, work or perform a task much more easily and efficiently, and recover without restriction or discomfort.
  • Increased levels of fitness the world is your oyster now, as your recovery from exercise is faster and like a smoothly tuned engine you can work your body harder and it will return to tick over without any problems. Your kinetic chain (muscles, joints, connective tissues) have all been coordinated to work together as they should.
  • Increased muscular strength you now have a much more efficient muscular function and what’s more they are all working in conjunction together. So now you can load your muscles with heavier weights if you choose to, they will respond much better now to overloading and they will adapt and increase in strength.
  • Better overall feelings of wellbeing and self-esteem! A better, healthier body leads to greater self-confidence with how you carry and present yourself.  Wearing well-fitting smart clothes you will look and feel very fit – move with self-assurance and confidence. You will feel totally transformed.  

The Movement Improvement Biomechanics coaching and training program will vastly improve the way that your body moves.  As we free-up underperforming muscles and bring balance back to your body’s connective movement patterns, you will begin to feel, and look, 100 times better.

Not only will your overall fitness levels increase but consequently your self-esteem and ability to get more out of life will too.

This program will not only compliment your other gym and training sessions, but all your other recreational activities as well.  You will be far less prone to injury and your recovery and functional movement will be so much better.

Intrinsic Biomechanics (is how your body functions during the performance of a movement or task)

More often than not we will ALL experience some instability in the way that we move. Some muscles will not be functioning to their full capacity, so the opposing muscles have to work much harder and so they become overactive.

That creates an imbalance of loading through the joint when we move.

One group of muscles are inactive, their opposite number will be overactive, and typically this results in low grade pain at first.

If the imbalance is left unchecked it can lead to a higher grade of pain and ultimately long term repetitive injury.

How many times have you felt those deep twinges and picked up ‘that old injury again’ in your hip, lower back or shoulder?

The Intrinsic Bio-mechanics Association & Bio-mechanics Education

Is an organisation of specialist exercise coaches and trainers to which Fitness for Folks has been a long time member.

The organisation was created by Senior Physiotherapist Martin Haynes and Physical Therapist and Master Trainer Rachel France.

Martin and Rachel firstly devised an evidence based exercise programme that addressed typical Intrinsic Biomechanical imbalances in a number of patients with back pain.

Martin & Rachel’s programme significantly reduced the causes of pain, lessened the load on injuries, and totally improved the movement function of the back pain patients.

From these findings further more advanced programmes were developed for clients of all different abilities, and with different conditions these advanced programmes would address movement imbalances throughout the muscles and connective tissues in the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knee and foot, they also proved very effective and successful.

Results continue to demonstrate that reducing the Intrinsic Biomechanical causes or imbalances in all these areas reduces the load on injuries, improves movement function and reduces pain.

What does this mean to you?

If on a daily basis you are experiencing any of the conditions that we have looked at here, or you may want to start to improve your fitness levels, strengthen your posture, improve your flexibility and rebuild your confidence.

Then the Movement Improvement Program will address all these issues and soon get you back on track advancing much quicker and on target to hit your goals.

This is a great place to begin your journey and empower yourself by totally transforming strengthening, and re-balancing the way that your body moves.

Just to remind you that as your coach, I am here to ensure that you have my guidance and support at all times during our work together.

Please feel free to call upon me if at any time you have any questions or concerns.

The Movement Improvement program is all about empowering you to move forward toward achieving your fitness goals, and to build up your self-confidence and well-being.

And that is what we will do…


Keep moving, Keep Improving!



Movement Improvement is a 21 day twice weekly, intensive coaching and training program costing £65.00. Per session.  Each session includes:

  • Recorded movement analysis
  • Biomechanical screenings and rescreening of Pelvis, Spine and Shoulder function
  • Coaching techniques for anti-spasm muscle release
  • Bespoke program design for conditioning and rebalancing any muscle group dysfunction
  • After care coaching package & progress report.

To maximize the effectiveness of our coaching each eleven-session block must be completed within a period of 25 days.   This is to ensure consistency in the development of muscle rebalancing and to prevent any danger of slipping back into old habits.

Payment for the 11-session block, (i.e. £710.00) must be made in advance either via a direct bank transfer, details of which follow, or you can pay on the spot by running your credit card through my IZettle card reader before we begin our session.

Account name: Fitness for Folks
Bank: Barclays PLC
Sort code: 20-27-49
Account no: 0377 0516

If paying by bank transfer, please email confirmation once you have deposited your payment so that I can ensure it has landed safely into my account.

Receipt for your payment is available on request.

Please note, if you do need to cancel a session for any reason you must give me at least 24-hours’ notice. Otherwise the session is chargeable and will be deducted from your block booking.