You’ve done the hard yards in your “Movement Improvement” program so now it’s time to up your game!

Why? New benefits to your overall body and condition, that’s why!

  • No more niggling injuries – further muscle strength, conditioning and balancing will maximise your body’s working efficiency.
  • Ability to take on bigger challenges! Greater joint and muscular strength means: greater capacity and confidence. Want to challenge yourself to a charity run or play squash or tennis regularly? And recover quickly? Here’s the opportunity.
  • Heaps more energy – no more feeling fatigued or too tired to spend valuable quality time with those loved ones; get through busy days more easily and effectively.
  • Vastly stronger, more balanced posture – leads to greater self-confidence with how you carry and present yourself.
  • Sustained body fat weight loss – a bespoke Nutritional eating plan plus clear fitness goals will improve your energy levels, ensure effective hydration, and enable you to sustain healthy physical and nutritional function.
  • Look and feel 10 years younger! Wear well-fitting smart clothes – look and feel very fit – move with self-assurance and confidence. Be totally transformed.  


The Fitness for Folks’ “Maintain & Sustain” biomechanics coaching & training program is extremely powerful and will help you do what it takes to get you to the next level of personal fitness.

You stuck with the grunt work of the “Movement Improvement” program so now let’s have some real fun.   This next phase of fitness coaching will continue to compliment your other gym/training sessions, reduce injuries, boost your recovery time from higher intensity exercise, and maintain & strengthen a balanced range of functional movement.  

Run in six-monthly blocks with two sessions of coaching per week, The Maintain & Sustain program will…:

  • improve your postural balance by getting rid of any ‘slouching’ habits
  • free-up underperforming muscles thereby returning balance back to your body’s connective movement patterns
  • continue to build your overall strength and fitness levels
  • Improve your body’s physical capabilities and nutritional functioning.
  • tap into your natural resilience – physically, emotionally and psychologically as you develop and achieve your goals
  • teach you how to nourish yourself and your body for optimum performance.

In effect, the Maintain and Sustain program builds upon the steps you have already taken in your Movement Improvement program.  You will continue to experience more fluidity in the way that your body moves, and you will have much more energy available to you.

Your physical confidence will continue to grow and, as a consequence, your self-esteem and your ability to get more out of life will too.

Evidence shows that regular coaching with positive encouragement, and transformative mentoring always bring greater results. To truly benefit from the work you have done to date, investing further in your wellbeing is a powerful and effective strategy. The in-depth personalised Maintain and Sustain program will empower you further by providing regular practice with exercise techniques to prevent you from slipping back into old habits.  

In addition to the exercise component, the Maintain & Sustain program will include The Ignition Nutrition program that will be tailored to fit your specific body type.

We will begin by testing your nutritional intake; your metabolic rates; your hydration levels and your current levels of activity to ascertain the exact number of calories your body needs to function at its optimum level. Once these elements are known, you will be given a carefully calculated eating plan aligned to your physical goals (i.e. lose weight, add muscle, more energy etc.). These are retested regularly throughout the program and adjustments will be made as required.


Remember, if you want to change your life, you will have to change your life!  As such I encourage you to maximize the value you get from our coaching by getting out of your ‘comfort zone’ and moving yourself forward.  

As your Coach, I am there for you and will support you 100% on your journey to obtaining physical success.  My role is to empower you to be the best that you can be; to provide you with advice and to show you what to do and whilst I will be there cheering you on from the sidelines, it is you that is on the field actually playing the game.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the above, please let me know.  If not then, let’s get going.  No time like the present I always say.

Just call Tony on 07916083597 or send an email to coach@fitnessforfolks.com and we will start the ball rolling.


Keep moving. Keep Improving!



The Maintain & Sustain Biomechanics Coaching and Fitness Training program is run in six-monthly blocks.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our coaching as well as to ensure consistency in your development and prevent any danger of slipping back into old habits, you must commit to having at least 2 coaching sessions per week over the next six months.  They can be…

  • At a set time each week
  • Flexible hours (determined week by week)
  • At home or at West4 gym Chiswick (Home visits will incur an additional fee of £15.00)

Total cost for the entire program (i.e.25 week/50 sessions) is £2,880. This works out at £60/session which is £5.00 off my regular one-off session fee.

To make things easy for you, three payment options are available

  1. a)  1 x 6-month payment = at 10% discount i.e. £54/session totals = £2,592.
  2. b)  2 x 3-monthly payments = at 5% discount i.e. £57/session totals £2,736.
  3. c)  6 x monthly payments of £480.00 per month i.e. £60/session = £2.880.

Payments can be made either by direct deposit into my bank account or you can pay me on the spot by running your credit card through my IZettle machine before we begin our coaching

My Bank account details are as follows:

Account name: Fitness for Folks
Bank: Barclays PLC
Sort code: 20-27-49
Account no: 0377 0516

Please email conformation once you have deposited your payment so that I can ensure it has landed safely.


Please note that 24-hours’ notice is required to cancel a coaching session. Otherwise the session is chargeable and will be taken from the block booking.

Also, please remember, that some months contain more than 4 weeks which means you will have more than 8 sessions in that particular month.

If you are happy with all the above, and have no further questions or queries then fill out the pre-coaching questionnaire that I have sent to you, finalise your coaching payment and let’s get started.

Once I have received your payment (or notification of same) I will get back to you with some available time slots and we will lock in your first session.

I am really looking forward to working with you and to witnessing the profound changes that I am confident you will receive from your Maintain & Sustain Biomechanics Coaching and Training program.

Keep moving, Keep Improving!