Is designed to vastly improve your…

A – Alignment over the ball
B – Backswing
C – Connection to the ball

Program Description

Firstly we begin the program with a series of biomechanical screens that help us to determine what your movement patterns are like through your pelvis, spine and shoulders.

These screens are carried out on specific sites on your body that tell us where particular movement anomalies in your muscles and nerves might be affecting your movement pattern and therefore will be limiting your performance in your game.

The coaching program consists of three 60 minute one to one sessions, followed by a  complimentary 30 minute stretching/ foam roller myofascial  release regimen, which we put in at the end of the final third coaching session.

This will enable us to bed in the gains that you will have made in your body’s flexibility, balance, functional movement, and muscular strength.

Venue & Preparation

The screenings and subsequent sessions when arranged will be held in The Randolph room at Ealing Golf Club.

Please bring some comfortable loose fitting clothes, shorts/track bottoms/t-shirt / trainers or light shoes to the session. I also recommend bringing along a small bottle of water to keep your hydration levels constant. Your body temperature will increase with the activities during our sessions.

The program runs like this…

Anti- spasm release: any muscles in spasm affecting or limiting your range of motion we work to release to begin to rebalance your movement

Stretching: to reactivate the muscles attachments move them away from each other to encourage healthy muscle function.

Antagonist: is the muscle that has been overcompensating for the muscle that was in spasm we condition that to further balance the system

Conditioning: we work the muscle that was in spasm by reconditioning and strengthening so that the movement pattern in your kinetic chain of muscles is balanced and coordinated and all the chain of muscles are working together in harmony again.

30 minute concentrated stretching and foam rolling session to improve and to measure your increased flexibility and enhance your much improved functional movement.

How’s your game at the moment?

Well with a much more fluid and coordinated movement through your pelvis, spine and shoulders your game will vastly improve and you will be able to hit the ball much further!

Your body will move freely and with no restrictions this will not only enhance your performance out on the course it will enable you to increase your muscular strength and stamina.

Let’s put that to the test.

Keep moving, keep improving



Improved A.B.C Golf Biomechanics introductory program is divided into three 1 hour long intensive coaching and training sessions costing £197.00.

The program is each divided into one weekly session held over a three week period, the last session incorporates a complimentary 30 minute stretching regimen.

Each session includes:

  • Recorded movement analysis
  • Biomechanical screenings and rescreening of Pelvis, Spine and Shoulder function
  • Coaching techniques for anti-spasm muscle release
  • Bespoke program design for conditioning and rebalancing any muscle group dysfunction
  • 30 minute complimentary stretching and foam roller myofascial release session.

To maximize the effectiveness of our coaching each 3.5hr-session block must be completed within a period of 3 weeks.   This is to ensure consistency in the development of muscle rebalancing and to prevent any danger of slipping back into old habits.

Payment for the 3-session block, (i.e. £197.00) must be made in advance either via a direct bank transfer, details of which follow, or you can pay on the spot by running your credit card through my IZettle card reader before we begin our session.

Account name: Fitness for Folks
Bank: Barclays PLC
Sort code: 20-27-49
Account no: 0377 0516

If paying by bank transfer, please email confirmation once you have deposited your payment so that I can ensure it has landed safely into my account.

Receipt for your payment is available on request.

Please note, if you do need to cancel a session for any reason you must give me at least 24-hours’ notice. Otherwise the session is chargeable and will be deducted from your block booking.

Keep moving, keep improving!