Coaching Program

tony-trainerFitness – effective, resilient and sustained fitness – is totally individual and requires a steady, well-managed pathway to achievement.

Investing your time and energy in anything less wastes your time, energy and money. And, leads to frustration and results you, at the very least, don’t want!

Consider individualised, personalised and effective coaching and support through following a three-stage program designed to achieve your required aims and objectives:

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1: Movement Improvement – Bio-mechanics Coaching and Training Program

What is Bio-Mechanics? Let’s keep it simple…

As you well know your body is a simply a bunch of muscles, nerves, bones and joints all wrapped up in skin. For most people, one or more of these elements don’t have a good relationship with the others which can result in friction and pain. In a nutshell, Biomechanics coaching and training improves these relationships and gets all the elements singing in harmony again.


2. Maintain & Sustain

The Fitness for Folks’ “Maintain & Sustain” biomechanics coaching & training program is extremely powerful and will help you do what it takes to get you to the next level of personal fitness.

You stuck with the grunt work of the “Movement Improvement” program so now let’s have some real fun.   This next phase of fitness coaching will continue to compliment your other gym/training sessions, reduce injuries, boost your recovery time from higher intensity exercise, and maintain & strengthen a balanced range of functional movement.


3. Improved A.B.C. Golf Bio-mechanics Introductory Program

Firstly we begin the program with a series of biomechanical screens that help us to determine what your movement patterns are like through your pelvis, spine and shoulders.

These screens are carried out on specific sites on your body that tell us where particular movement anomalies in your muscles and nerves might be affecting your movement pattern and therefore will be limiting your performance in your game.