Coaching Program

tony-trainerFitness – effective, resilient and sustained fitness – is totally individual and requires a steady, well-managed pathway to achievement.

Investing your time and energy in anything less wastes your time, energy and money. And, leads to frustration and results you, at the very least, don’t want!

Consider individualised, personalised and effective coaching and support through following a three-stage program designed to achieve your required aims and objectives:

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Stage 1: An individualised training program that:

  • Indentifies all of your range of motion (ROM) imbalances and issues;
  • Targets initial training that ‘frees’ up muscles so you become PAIN FREE quickly;
  • Develops a personalised exercise regime that helps you maintain complete ROM when and where those imbalances occur; and gets you through these issues;
  • Prepares your body for a higher intensity exercise regime.

Movement Improvement is a six week program comprised of twice-weekly one-hour training sessions (Total: twelve sessions).

Package Cost:  £540.00
Or six weekly instalments of £97.50

Stage 2: A higher intensity individualised training program built on Stage 1 that:

  • Increases the level and effectiveness of your workouts to enhance muscle growth and endurance;
  • Builds an ever-increasing level of energy and zest for life;
  • Improves everyday physical function: your greater strength and suppleness will enhance life’s lifting and bending activities;
  • Educates your nutritional awareness specific to your needs and body-type;
  • Transforms your body shape into the one you really desire.

Fitness Foundation is an 8 week medium intensity program consisting of twice-weekly one hour training sessions (Total: sixteen sessions).

Cost:  £720.00
Or eight weekly instalments of £97.50

Stage 3: Highest tier, adaptive intensity individualised training program built on Stages 1 & 2 that:

  • Empowers you to maintain your new fitness levels and increase your performance;
  • Further strengthens your muscles and tones your body shape;
  • Gives you much more awareness of and control over your nutrition and body weight ratios;
  • Prepares you for any further challenges you may wish to pursue and complete e.g. 5K run or London to Brighton cycle ride;
  • Keeps you looking and feeling fitter, fully confident and the envy of your friends.

Active Adaption is a six month long, once a week adaptive intensity program that includes eight individualised Pilates/functional movement sessions (Total: twenty-six sessions).

Cost:  £1170.00
Or six consecutive monthly payments of £202.50